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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

Yes, 100%! We are paid by organizations to design, distribute, and analyze surveys.

How many emails will you send me?

Any time we have a survey that is applicable to your profile, we’ll send the opportunity to you. For example, there might not be a survey for you one week, and then 2 the next.

How can I earn money/rewards?

When you have an eligible survey opportunity, we’ll let you know how many points it’s worth. When you take surveys, your points are accumulated on your profile page, and then you can choose to cash out for a pre-paid digital credit card.

How can I redeem my rewards?

Sign in and check your rewards page (Redeem Points).

Why do I have to provide my personal information?

We need to know about you so we can match you with the right survey opportunities. For instance, if the survey is for residents of one city, we won’t send it out to residents of other cities. View our terms and conditions for more.

How is my information stored? How is my identity protected?

We have numerous layers of security for data transfer, including TLS/SSL communication security for our online portal, and encrypted Canadian-based servers for all our databases. Information is only ever reported to clients in aggregate (your personal information is never shared or tied to your answers). In addition, we’re bound by all applicable Canadian privacy laws, and maintain privacy standards above and beyond the legal minimums. View our privacy policy for more.

Who is my private information shared with?

We do not share, sell, lease, or release your private information with anyone. That’s not our business model, and it’s counter-productive to maintaining a high level of trust with the public.¬†View our privacy policy for more.

How many surveys can I participate in?

Any survey we send you or attach to your online profile! There is no limit, except that each survey may only be taken once.

How can I unsubscribe?

At any time, you can click “opt out” at the bottom of emails we send you, or request us to remove you from our databases directly through our contact form.

Will I have to make any purchases during or after sign-up?

Nope, never.

Will any of my information be public?

No, your information is 100% private and secure.

I’m unable to log in. How do I get into my account?

On the login page, click “forgot password,” or send us an email and we’ll help you sort it out!

I haven’t received my rewards. How do I fix that?

Send us an email through our contact form with any details you can share.

How can I update my personal information?

Your profile page allows you to update information such as name and mailing address at any time. Email address cannot be changed, so please ensure you use your best email address.